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Superblocks believes that every person should have the means to bring their ideas to life. They empower the visionaries of the decentralized future to build their things. They do this by providing them with the best open source accessible tools where individuals can collaborate, share, and build upon each other’s creations.

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BLOXPO is a blockchain conference. For the 2018 edition, we were joined by politicians, global blockchain experts and business leaders from multiple industries at Friends Arena in Stockholm. The conference covered a range of topics, such as how decentralized applications will disrupt our way of business and how the future of money will be put on its edge as cryptocurrencies continue to grow.



Bru is a leading global supplier of interior furnishing fabrics and wall coverings. Gary and Jason, surrounded by a highly motivated, skilled, and experienced management team can attribute Bru’s success to its reputation for reliability, quality and service. This has been made possible with the backing and cooperation of the entire dedicated Bru work force. Our blockchain consulting services helped Bru to grasp the future of industrial decentralization. 




XENTAVO is a White Label blockchain framework coined to consciously structure purposeful, efficient and sustainable digital solutions and cryptocurrencies for Small Countries. Stockholm Blockchain is Xentavo:s technical partner and is developing their technical blockchain solution.



Digibuild is the first blockchain based management, payment, flow of information, incentivizing, and credit reporting platform for the real estate construction and building supply industry. Stockholm Blockchain is a key consulting partner and advisor.